Mary S. Neff

Also published as: Mary Neff


Navigating through Dense Annotation Spaces
Branimir Boguraev | Mary Neff
Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'08)

Pattern matching, or querying, over annotations is a general purpose paradigm for inspecting, navigating, mining, and transforming annotation repositories - the common representation basis for modern pipelined text-processing frameworks. Configurability of such frameworks and expressiveness of feature structure-based annotation schemes account for the “high density” of some such annotation repositories. This particular characteristic makes challenging the design of a pattern matching engine, capable of interpreting (or imposing) flat patterns over an arbitrarily dense annotation lattice. We present an approach where a finite state device carries out the application of (compiled) grammars over what is, in effect, a linearized “projection” of a unique route through the lattice; a route derived by a mix of static pattern (grammar) analysis and interpretation of navigational directives within the extended grammar formalism. Our approach achieves a mix of finite state scanning and lattice traversal for expressive and efficient pattern matching in dense annotations stores.


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The Talent System: TEXTRACT Architecture and Data Model
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