Marlena Orlińska


plWordNet in Word Sense Disambiguation task
Maciej Piasecki | Paweł Kędzia | Marlena Orlińska
Proceedings of the 8th Global WordNet Conference (GWC)

The paper explores the application of plWordNet, a very large wordnet of Polish, in weakly supervised Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD). Because plWordNet provides only partial descriptions by glosses and usage examples, and does not include sense-disambiguated glosses, PageRank-based WSD methods perform slightly worse than for English. However, we show that the use of weights for the relation types and the order in which lexical units have been added for sense re-ranking can significantly improve WSD precision. The evaluation was done on two Polish corpora (KPWr and Składnica) including manual WSD. We discuss the fundamental difference in the construction of both corpora and very different test results.