Marie-Amélie Botalla


What are the limitations on the flux of syntactic dependencies? Evidence from UD treebanks
Sylvain Kahane | Chunxiao Yan | Marie-Amélie Botalla
Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Dependency Linguistics (Depling 2017)


Correcting and Validating Syntactic Dependency in the Spoken French Treebank Rhapsodie
Rachel Bawden | Marie-Amélie Botalla | Kim Gerdes | Sylvain Kahane
Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'14)

This article presents the methods, results, and precision of the syntactic annotation process of the Rhapsodie Treebank of spoken French. The Rhapsodie Treebank is an 33,000 word corpus annotated for prosody and syntax, licensed in its entirety under Creative Commons. The syntactic annotation contains two levels: a macro-syntactic level, containing a segmentation into illocutionary units (including discourse markers, parentheses …) and a micro-syntactic level including dependency relations and various paradigmatic structures, called pile constructions, the latter being particularly frequent and diverse in spoken language. The micro-syntactic annotation process, presented in this paper, includes a semi-automatic preparation of the transcription, the application of a syntactic dependency parser, transcoding of the parsing results to the Rhapsodie annotation scheme, manual correction by multiple annotators followed by a validation process, and finally the application of coherence rules that check common errors. The good inter-annotator agreement scores are presented and analyzed in greater detail. The article also includes the list of functions used in the dependency annotation and for the distinction of various pile constructions and presents the ideas underlying these choices.