Majd Hawasly


Natural Language Grounding and Grammar Induction for Robotic Manipulation Commands
Muhannad Alomari | Paul Duckworth | Majd Hawasly | David C. Hogg | Anthony G. Cohn
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Language Grounding for Robotics

We present a cognitively plausible system capable of acquiring knowledge in language and vision from pairs of short video clips and linguistic descriptions. The aim of this work is to teach a robot manipulator how to execute natural language commands by demonstration. This is achieved by first learning a set of visual ‘concepts’ that abstract the visual feature spaces into concepts that have human-level meaning. Second, learning the mapping/grounding between words and the extracted visual concepts. Third, inducing grammar rules via a semantic representation known as Robot Control Language (RCL). We evaluate our approach against state-of-the-art supervised and unsupervised grounding and grammar induction systems, and show that a robot can learn to execute never seen-before commands from pairs of unlabelled linguistic and visual inputs.