Luis Villarejo Muñoz


Apertium advanced web interface: a first step toward interactivity and language tools convergence
Arnaud Vié | Luis Villarejo Muñoz | Mireia Farrús Cabeceran | Jimmy O’Regan
Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Free/Open-Source Rule-Based Machine Translation

This document describes a project aimed at building a new web interface to the Apertium machine translation platform, including pre-editing and post-editing environments. It contains a description of the accomplished work on this project, as well as an overview of possible future work.


Joint efforts to further develop and incorporate Apertium into the document management flow at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Luis Villarejo Muñoz | Sergio Ortiz Rojas | Mireia Ginestí Rosell
Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Free/Open-Source Rule-Based Machine Translation

This article describes the needs of UOC regarding translation and how these needs are satisfied by Prompsit further developing a free rule-based machine translation system: Apertium. We initially describe the general framework regarding linguistic needs inside UOC. Then, section 2 introduces Apertium and outlines the development scenario that Prompsit executed. After that, section 3 outlines the specific needs of UOC and why Apertium was chosen as the machine translation engine. Then, section 4 describes some of the features specially developed in this project. Section 5 explains how the linguistic data was improved to increase the quality of the output in Catalan and Spanish. And, finally, we draw conclusions and outline further work originating from the project.