Lisa Ferro


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Scalable Methods for Annotating Legal-Decision Corpora
Lisa Ferro | John Aberdeen | Karl Branting | Craig Pfeifer | Alexander Yeh | Amartya Chakraborty
Proceedings of the Natural Legal Language Processing Workshop 2019

Recent research has demonstrated that judicial and administrative decisions can be predicted by machine-learning models trained on prior decisions. However, to have any practical application, these predictions must be explainable, which in turn requires modeling a rich set of features. Such approaches face a roadblock if the knowledge engineering required to create these features is not scalable. We present an approach to developing a feature-rich corpus of administrative rulings about domain name disputes, an approach which leverages a small amount of manual annotation and prototypical patterns present in the case documents to automatically extend feature labels to the entire corpus. To demonstrate the feasibility of this approach, we report results from systems trained on this dataset.


Maytag: A Multi-Staged Approach to Identifying Complex Events in Textual Data
Conrad Chang | Lisa Ferro | John Gibson | Janet Hitzeman | Suzi Lubar | Justin Palmer | Sean Munson | Marc Vilain | Benjamin Wellner


Generating an Entailment Corpus from News Headlines
John Burger | Lisa Ferro
Proceedings of the ACL Workshop on Empirical Modeling of Semantic Equivalence and Entailment


A Probabilistic Rasch Analysis of Question Answering Evaluations
Rense Lange | Juan Moran | Warren R. Greiff | Lisa Ferro
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A Multilingual Approach To Annotating And Extracting Temporal Information
George Wilson | Inderjeet Mani | Beth Sundheim | Lisa Ferro
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Guidelines for Annotating Temporal Information
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Integrated Feasibility Experiment for Bio-Security: IFE-Bio, A TIDES Demonstration
Lynette Hirschman | Kris Concepcion | Laurie Damianos | David Day | John Delmore | Lisa Ferro | John Griffith | John Henderson | Jeff Kurtz | Inderjeet Mani | Scott Mardis | Tom McEntee | Keith Miller | Beverly Nunam | Jay Ponte | Florence Reeder | Ben Wellner | George Wilson | Alex Yeh
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How to Evaluate Your Question Answering System Every Day ... and Still Get Real Work Done
Eric J. Breck | John D. Burger | Lisa Ferro | Lynette Hirschman | David House | Marc Light | Inderjeet Mani
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Learning Transformation Rules to Find Grammatical Relations
Lisa Ferro | Marc Vilain | Alexander Yeh
EACL 1999: CoNLL-99 Computational Natural Language Learning