Li Ding


Tencent AI Lab Machine Translation Systems for WMT20 Chat Translation Task
Longyue Wang | Zhaopeng Tu | Xing Wang | Li Ding | Liang Ding | Shuming Shi
Proceedings of the Fifth Conference on Machine Translation

This paper describes the Tencent AI Lab’s submission of the WMT 2020 shared task on chat translation in English-German. Our neural machine translation (NMT) systems are built on sentence-level, document-level, non-autoregressive (NAT) and pretrained models. We integrate a number of advanced techniques into our systems, including data selection, back/forward translation, larger batch learning, model ensemble, finetuning as well as system combination. Specifically, we proposed a hybrid data selection method to select high-quality and in-domain sentences from out-of-domain data. To better capture the source contexts, we exploit to augment NAT models with evolved cross-attention. Furthermore, we explore to transfer general knowledge from four different pre-training language models to the downstream translation task. In general, we present extensive experimental results for this new translation task. Among all the participants, our German-to-English primary system is ranked the second in terms of BLEU scores.