Lee Humphreys


Use of Linguistic Resources like Translation Memories in Machine Translation Systems
Lee Humphreys
EAMT Machine Translation Workshop


A generic lexical model
Daniel Bachut | Isabelle Duquennoy | Lee Humphreys | Tita Kyriakopoulou | Anne Monceaux | Fiammetta Namer | Jean-Michel Ombrouck | Claire Perrey | Anne Poncet-Montange | Maria-Claudia Puerta | Caroline Raffy | Brigitte Roudaud | Simon Sabbagh
Third International EAMT Workshop: Machine Translation and the Lexicon

Linguistic engineering presupposes lexical resources. For translation, it is highly desirable that a Machine Translation engine and human translators should have access to the same dictionary information. The present paper describes a multilingual dictionary model, which integrates information for use by both humans and a variety of NLP systems. The model is used as a reference in the design of commercial translation products.