Kristen Summers


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Watson Discovery Advisor: Question-answering in an industrial setting
Charley Beller | Graham Katz | Allen Ginsberg | Chris Phipps | Sean Bethard | Paul Chase | Elinna Shek | Kristen Summers
Proceedings of the Workshop on Human-Computer Question Answering


User-generated System for Critical Document Triage and Exploitation–Version 2011
Kristen Summers | Hassan Sawaf
Proceedings of the 9th Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas: Government MT User Program

CACI has developed and delivered systems for document exploitation and processing to Government customers around the world. Many of these systems include advanced language processing capabilities in order to enable rapid triage of vast collections of foreign language documents, separating the content that requires immediate human attention from the less immediately pressing material. AppTek provides key patent-pending Machine Translation technology for this critical process, rendering material in Arabic, Farsi and other languages into an English rendition that enables both further automated processing and rapid review by monolingual analysts, to identify the documents that require immediate linguist attention. Both CACI and AppTek have been working with customers to develop capabilities that enable them, the users, to be the ones in command of making their systems learn and continuously improve. We will describe how we put this critical user requirement into the systems and the key role that the user's involvement played in this. We will also discuss some of the key components of the system and what the customer-centric evolution of the system will be, including our document translation workflow, the machine translation technology within it, and our approaches to supporting the technology and sustaining its success designed around adapting to user needs.


The EDEAL Project for Automated Processing of African Languages
Anna Borovikov | Eugene Borovikov | Bradley Colquitt | Kristen Summers
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit XII: Government MT User Program


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Machine Translation for Triage and Exploitation of Massive Text Data
James E. Andrews | Kristen Summers
Proceedings of the 8th Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas: Government and Commercial Uses of MT

The National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC) collects massive quantities of textual data in foreign languages. To support exploitation in light of intelligence requirements, a triage process must be applied to this data as those requirements emerge, to identify the most useful data for further exploitation. Machine translation provides critical support for this triage. This paper outlines the types of collected data and the different challenges they present for machine translation, as well as the types of triage to support for collections of this nature, and the issues raised for machine translation by those uses.

Language Processing for Analysis and Investigation
Kristen Summers | Diane Chandler
Proceedings of the 8th Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas: Government and Commercial Uses of MT

This paper describes an operational case and document management and exploitation system, GlobalView, that includes Machine Translation (MT) for use as an aid to human effort in analysis and investigation. It also presents the REFLEX platform for experimenting with language processing tools.