Kishore Kashyap


Spoken WordNet
Kishore Kashyap | Shikhar Kr Sarma | Kumari Sweta
Proceedings of the 10th Global Wordnet Conference

WordNets have been used in a wide variety of applications, including in design and development of intelligent and human assisting systems. Although WordNet was initially developed as an online lexical database, (Miller, 1995 and Fellbaum, 1998) later developments have inspired using WordNet database as resources in NLP applications, Language Technology developments, and as sources of structured learned materials. This paper proposes, conceptualizes, designs, and develops a voice enabled information retrieval system, facilitating WordNet knowledge presentation in a spoken format, based on a spoken query. In practice, the work converts the WordNet resource into a structured voiced based knowledge extraction system, where a spoken query is processed in a pipeline, and then extracting the relevant WordNet resources, structuring through another process pipeline, and then presented in spoken format. Thus the system facilitates a speech interface to the existing WordNet and we named the system as “Spoken WordNet”. The system interacts with two interfaces, one designed and developed for Web, and the other as an App interface for smartphone. This is also a kind of restructuring the WordNet as a friendly version for visually challenged users. User can input query string in the form of spoken English sentence or word. Jaccard Similarity is calculated between the input sentence and the synset definitions. The one with highest similarity score is taken as the synset of interest among multiple available synsets. User is also prompted to choose a contextual synset, in case of ambiguities.