Kirti Vashee


Exploring Greater Impact: Business Translation Beyond Localization?
Kirti Vashee
Workshop on the Impact of Machine Translation (iMpacT 2020)


Scenarios for Customizing an SMT Engine Based on Availability of Data
Kirti Vashee | Rustin Gibbs
Proceedings of the 9th Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas: Commercial MT User Program

Although still in a nascent state as a professional translation tool, customized SMT engines already have multiple applications, each of which require clear definitions about quality and productivity. Three engine-training scenarios have emerged which are representative of real-world applications for the development and use of a customized SMT engines based on the availability of data. In the case that limited or no bilingual training data is available, a unique development process can be used to harvest and translate n-grams directly. Using this approach Asia Online and Moravia IT have successfully customized SMT engines for use in various domains. A partnership between an MT engine provider and a qualified LSP is essential to deliver quality results using this approach.