Kazuo Sumita


Development of a Simultaneous Interpretation System for Face-to-Face Services and Its Evaluation Experiment in Real Situation
Akiko Sakamoto | Nayuko Watanabe | Satoshi Kamatani | Kazuo Sumita
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit XIV: Papers

Evaluation of a simultaneous interpretation system and analysis of speech log for user experience assessment
Akiko Sakamoto | Kazuhiko Abe | Kazuo Sumita | Satoshi Kamatani
Proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Spoken Language Translation: Papers

This paper focuses on the user experience (UX) of a simultaneous interpretation system for face-to-face conversation between two users. To assess the UX of the system, we first made a transcript of the speech of users recorded during a task-based evaluation experiment and then analyzed user speech from the viewpoint of UX. In a task-based evaluation experiment, 44 tasks out of 45 tasks were solved. The solved task ratio was 97.8%. This indicates that the system can effectively provide interpretation to enable users to solve tasks. However, we found that users repeated speech due to errors in automatic speech recognition (ASR) or machine translation (MT). Users repeated clauses 1.8 times on average. Users seemed to repeat themselves until they received a response from their partner users. In addition, we found that after approximately 3.6 repetitions, users would change their words to avoid errors in ASR or MT and to evoke a response from their partner users.


Abbreviation Generation for Japanese Multi-Word Expressions
Hiromi Wakaki | Hiroko Fujii | Masaru Suzuki | Mika Fukui | Kazuo Sumita
Proceedings of the Workshop on Multiword Expressions: Identification, Interpretation, Disambiguation and Applications (MWE 2009)

Hybrid Spoken Language Translation Using Sentence Splitting Based on Syntax Structure
Satoshi Kamatani | Tetsuro Chino | Kazuo Sumita
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit XII: Papers


Abstract Generation Based on Rhetorical Structure Extraction
Kenji Ono | Kazuo Sumita | Seiji Miike
COLING 1994 Volume 1: The 15th International Conference on Computational Linguistics