Julien Seinturier


An ontological approach to model and query multimodal concurrent linguistic annotations
Julien Seinturier | Elisabeth Murisasco | Emmanuel Bruno | Philippe Blache
Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'12)

This paper focuses on the representation and querying of knowledge-based multimodal data. This work stands in the OTIM project which aims at processing multimodal annotation of a large conversational French speech corpus. Within OTIM, we aim at providing linguists with a unique framework to encode and manipulate numerous linguistic domains (from prosody to gesture). Linguists commonly use Typed Feature Structures (TFS) to provide an uniform view of multimodal annotations but such a representation cannot be used within an applicative framework. Moreover TFS expressibility is limited to hierarchical and constituency relations and does not suit to any linguistic domain that needs for example to represent temporal relations. To overcome these limits, we propose an ontological approach based on Description logics (DL) for the description of linguistic knowledge and we provide an applicative framework based on OWL DL (Ontology Web Language) and the query language SPARQL.