John E. Laird


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Grounding Language for Interactive Task Learning
Peter Lindes | Aaron Mininger | James R. Kirk | John E. Laird
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Language Grounding for Robotics

This paper describes how language is grounded by a comprehension system called Lucia within a robotic agent called Rosie that can manipulate objects and navigate indoors. The whole system is built within the Soar cognitive architecture and uses Embodied Construction Grammar (ECG) as a formalism for describing linguistic knowledge. Grounding is performed using knowledge from the grammar itself, from the linguistic context, from the agents perception, and from an ontology of long-term knowledge about object categories and properties and actions the agent can perform. The paper also describes a benchmark corpus of 200 sentences in this domain along with test versions of the world model and ontology and gold-standard meanings for each of the sentences. The benchmark is contained in the supplemental materials.