Jiho Shin


SRT’s Neural Machine Translation System for WMT22 Biomedical Translation Task
Yoonjung Choi | Jiho Shin | Yonghyun Ryu | Sangha Kim
Proceedings of the Seventh Conference on Machine Translation (WMT)

This paper describes the Samsung Research’s Translation system (SRT) submitted to the WMT22 biomedical translation task in two language directions: English to Spanish and Spanish to English. To improve the overall quality, we adopt the deep transformer architecture and employ the back-translation strategy for monolingual corpus. One of the issues in the domain translation is to translate domain-specific terminologies well. To address this issue, we apply the soft-constrained terminology translation based on biomedical terminology dictionaries. In this paper, we provide the performance of our system with WMT20 and WMT21 biomedical testsets. Compared to the best model in WMT20 and WMT21, our system shows equal or better performance. According to the official evaluation results in terms of BLEU scores, our systems get the highest scores in both directions.