Jake Lever


Painless Relation Extraction with Kindred
Jake Lever | Steven Jones
BioNLP 2017

Relation extraction methods are essential for creating robust text mining tools to help researchers find useful knowledge in the vast published literature. Easy-to-use and generalizable methods are needed to encourage an ecosystem in which researchers can easily use shared resources and build upon each others’ methods. We present the Kindred Python package for relation extraction. It builds upon methods from the most successful tools in the recent BioNLP Shared Task to predict high-quality predictions with low computational cost. It also integrates with PubAnnotation, PubTator, and BioNLP Shared Task data in order to allow easy development and application of relation extraction models.


VERSE: Event and Relation Extraction in the BioNLP 2016 Shared Task
Jake Lever | Steven JM Jones
Proceedings of the 4th BioNLP Shared Task Workshop