Jacob Andrews


ExTRA: Explainable Therapy-Related Annotations
Mat Rawsthorne | Tahseen Jilani | Jacob Andrews | Yunfei Long | Jeremie Clos | Samuel Malins | Daniel Hunt
2nd Workshop on Interactive Natural Language Technology for Explainable Artificial Intelligence

In this paper we report progress on a novel explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) initiative applying Natural Language Processing (NLP) with elements of codesign to develop a text classifier for application in psychotherapy training. The task is to produce a tool that will facilitate therapists to review their sessions by automatically labelling transcript text with levels of interaction for patient activation in known psychological processes, using XAI to increase their trust in the model’s suggestions and client trajectory predictions. After pre-processing of the language features extracted from professionally annotated therapy session transcripts, we apply a supervised machine learning approach (CHAID) to classify interaction labels (negative, neutral, positive). Weighted samples are used to overcome class imbalanced data. The results show this initial model can make useful distinctions among the three labels of patient activation with 74% accuracy and provide insight into its reasoning. This ongoing project will additionally evaluate which XAI approaches can be used to increase the transparency of the tool to end users, exploring whether direct involvement of stakeholders improves usability of the XAI interface and therefore trust in the solution.