Ioana Ionașcu


RACAI Entry for the IWSLT 2016 Shared Task
Sonia Pipa | Alin Florentin Vasile | Ioana Ionașcu | Stefan Daniel Dumitrescu | Tiberiu Boros
Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Spoken Language Translation

Spoken Language Translation is currently a hot topic in the research community. This task is very complex, involving automatic speech recognition, text-normalization and machine translation. We present our speech translation system, which was compared against the other systems participating in the IWSLT 2016 Shared Task. We introduce our ASR system for English and our MT system for English to French (En-Fr) and English to German (En-De) language pairs. Additionally, for the English to French Challenge we introduce a methodology that enables the enhancement of statistical phrase-based translation with translation equivalents deduced from monolingual corpora using neural word embedding.