Houwei Chou


Developing Prefix-Tuning Models for Hierarchical Text Classification
Lei Chen | Houwei Chou | Xiaodan Zhu
Proceedings of the 2022 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing: Industry Track

Hierarchical text classification (HTC) is a key problem and task in many industrial applications, which aims to predict labels organized in a hierarchy for given input text. For example, HTC can group the descriptions of online products into a taxonomy or organizing customer reviews into a hierarchy of categories. In real-life applications, while Pre-trained Language Models (PLMs) have dominated many NLP tasks, they face significant challenges too—the conventional fine-tuning process needs to modify and save models with a huge number of parameters. This is becoming more critical for HTC in both global and local modelling—the latter needs to learn multiple classifiers at different levels/nodes in a hierarchy. The concern will be even more serious since PLM sizes are continuing to increase in order to attain more competitive performances. Most recently, prefix tuning has become a very attractive technology by only tuning and saving a tiny set of parameters. Exploring prefix turning for HTC is hence highly desirable and has timely impact. In this paper, we investigate prefix tuning on HTC in two typical setups: local and global HTC. Our experiment shows that the prefix-tuning model only needs less than 1% of parameters and can achieve performance comparable to regular full fine-tuning. We demonstrate that using contrastive learning in learning prefix vectors can further improve HTC performance.


Multimodal Item Categorization Fully Based on Transformer
Lei Chen | Houwei Chou | Yandi Xia | Hirokazu Miyake
Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on e-Commerce and NLP

The Transformer has proven to be a powerful feature extraction method and has gained widespread adoption in natural language processing (NLP). In this paper we propose a multimodal item categorization (MIC) system solely based on the Transformer for both text and image processing. On a multimodal product data set collected from a Japanese e-commerce giant, we tested a new image classification model based on the Transformer and investigated different ways of fusing bi-modal information. Our experimental results on real industry data showed that the Transformer-based image classifier has performance on par with ResNet-based classifiers and is four times faster to train. Furthermore, a cross-modal attention layer was found to be critical for the MIC system to achieve performance gains over text-only and image-only models.