Hiroyasu Nogami


EJ/JE Machine Translation System ASTRANSAC — Extensions toward Personalization
Hideki Hirakawa | Hiroyasu Nogami | Shin-ya Amano
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit III: Papers

The demand for personal use of a translation system seems to be increasing in accordance with the improvement in MT quality. A recent portable and powerful engineering workstation, such as AS1000 (SPARC LT), enables us to develop a personal-use oriented MT system This paper describes the outline of ASTRANSAC (an English-Japanese/Japanese- English bi-directional MT system) and the extensions related to the personalization of ASTRANSAC, which have been newly made since the MT Summit II.


Parsing with look-ahead in real-time on-line translation system
Hiroyasu Nogami | Yumiko Yoshimura | Shin-ya Amano
Coling Budapest 1988 Volume 2: International Conference on Computational Linguistics