Hillary Ngai


Doctor XAvIer: Explainable Diagnosis on Physician-Patient Dialogues and XAI Evaluation
Hillary Ngai | Frank Rudzicz
Proceedings of the 21st Workshop on Biomedical Language Processing

We introduce Doctor XAvIer — a BERT-based diagnostic system that extracts relevant clinical data from transcribed patient-doctor dialogues and explains predictions using feature attribution methods. We present a novel performance plot and evaluation metric for feature attribution methods — Feature Attribution Dropping (FAD) curve and its Normalized Area Under the Curve (N-AUC). FAD curve analysis shows that integrated gradients outperforms Shapley values in explaining diagnosis classification. Doctor XAvIer outperforms the baseline with 0.97 F1-score in named entity recognition and symptom pertinence classification and 0.91 F1-score in diagnosis classification.