Hans-Christian Schmitz


Information Space Dashboard
Theresa Krumbiegel | Albert Pritzkau | Hans-Christian Schmitz
Proceedings for the First International Workshop on Social Threats in Online Conversations: Understanding and Management

The information space, where information is generated, stored, exchanged and discussed, is not idyllic but a space where campaigns of disinformation and destabilization are conducted. Such campaigns are subsumed under the terms “hybrid warfare” and “information warfare” (Woolley and Howard, 2017). In order to enable awareness of them, we propose an information state dashboard comprising various components/apps for data collection, analysis and visualization. The aim of the dashboard is to support an analyst in generating a common operational picture of the information space, link it with an operational picture of the physical space and, thus, contribute to overarching situational awareness. The dashboard is work in progress. However, a first prototype with components for exploiting elementary language statistics, keyword and metadata analysis, text classification and network analysis has been implemented. Further components, in particular, for event extraction and sentiment analysis are under development. As a demonstration case, we briefly discuss the analysis of historical data regarding violent anti-migrant protests and respective counter-protests that took place in Chemnitz in 2018.