François Hernandez


The OpenNMT Neural Machine Translation Toolkit: 2020 Edition
Guillaume Klein | François Hernandez | Vincent Nguyen | Jean Senellart
Proceedings of the 14th Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas (Volume 1: Research Track)

The Ubiqus English-Inuktitut System for WMT20
François Hernandez | Vincent Nguyen
Proceedings of the Fifth Conference on Machine Translation

This paper describes Ubiqus’ submission to the WMT20 English-Inuktitut shared news translation task. Our main system, and only submission, is based on a multilingual approach, jointly training a Transformer model on several agglutinative languages. The English-Inuktitut translation task is challenging at every step, from data selection, preparation and tokenization to quality evaluation down the line. Difficulties emerge both because of the peculiarities of the Inuktitut language as well as the low-resource context.