Felix Friedmann


The Munich Biovoice Corpus: Effects of Physical Exercising, Heart Rate, and Skin Conductance on Human Speech Production
Björn Schuller | Felix Friedmann | Florian Eyben
Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'14)

We introduce a spoken language resource for the analysis of impact that physical exercising has on human speech production. In particular, the database provides heart rate and skin conductance measurement information alongside the audio recordings. It contains recordings from 19 subjects in a relaxed state and after exercising. The audio material includes breathing, sustained vowels, and read text. Further, we describe pre-extracted audio-features from our openSMILE feature extractor together with baseline performances for the recognition of high and low heart rate using these features. The baseline results clearly show the feasibility of automatic estimation of heart rate from the human voice, in particular from sustained vowels. Both regression - in order to predict the exact heart rate value - and a binary classification setting for high and low heart rate classes are investigated. Finally, we give tendencies on feature group relevance in the named contexts of heart rate estimation and skin conductivity estimation.