Ethan Ricker


Spanish Abstract Meaning Representation: Annotation of a General Corpus
Shira Wein | Lucia Donatelli | Ethan Ricker | Calvin Engstrom | Alex Nelson | Leonie Harter | Nathan Schneider
Northern European Journal of Language Technology, Volume 8

Abstract Meaning Representation (AMR), originally designed for English, has been adapted to a number of languages to facilitate cross-lingual semantic representation and analysis. We build on previous work and present the first sizable, general annotation project for Spanish AMR. We release a detailed set of annotation guidelines and a corpus of 486 gold-annotated sentences spanning multiple genres from an existing, cross-lingual AMR corpus. Our work constitutes the second largest non-English gold AMR corpus to date. Fine-tuning an AMR to-Spanish generation model with our annotations results in a BERTScore improvement of 8.8%, demonstrating initial utility of our work.