Edmond O’Connor


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Building Machine Translation System for Software Product Descriptions Using Domain-specific Sub-corpora Extraction
Pintu Lohar | Sinead Madden | Edmond O’Connor | Maja Popovic | Tanya Habruseva
Proceedings of the 15th biennial conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas (Volume 1: Research Track)

Building Machine Translation systems for a specific domain requires a sufficiently large and good quality parallel corpus in that domain. However, this is a bit challenging task due to the lack of parallel data in many domains such as economics, science and technology, sports etc. In this work, we build English-to-French translation systems for software product descriptions scraped from LinkedIn website. Moreover, we developed a first-ever test parallel data set of product descriptions. We conduct experiments by building a baseline translation system trained on general domain and then domain-adapted systems using sentence-embedding based corpus filtering and domain-specific sub-corpora extraction. All the systems are tested on our newly developed data set mentioned earlier. Our experimental evaluation reveals that the domain-adapted model based on our proposed approaches outperforms the baseline.