Dominikus Wetzel


Cross-lingual Pronoun Prediction for English, French and German with Maximum Entropy Classification
Dominikus Wetzel
Proceedings of the First Conference on Machine Translation: Volume 2, Shared Task Papers


A Maximum Entropy Classifier for Cross-Lingual Pronoun Prediction
Dominikus Wetzel | Adam Lopez | Bonnie Webber
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Discourse in Machine Translation


Grounding Action Descriptions in Videos
Michaela Regneri | Marcus Rohrbach | Dominikus Wetzel | Stefan Thater | Bernt Schiele | Manfred Pinkal
Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics, Volume 1

Recent work has shown that the integration of visual information into text-based models can substantially improve model predictions, but so far only visual information extracted from static images has been used. In this paper, we consider the problem of grounding sentences describing actions in visual information extracted from videos. We present a general purpose corpus that aligns high quality videos with multiple natural language descriptions of the actions portrayed in the videos, together with an annotation of how similar the action descriptions are to each other. Experimental results demonstrate that a text-based model of similarity between actions improves substantially when combined with visual information from videos depicting the described actions.


Enriching Parallel Corpora for Statistical Machine Translation with Semantic Negation Rephrasing
Dominikus Wetzel | Francis Bond
Proceedings of the Sixth Workshop on Syntax, Semantics and Structure in Statistical Translation


Enriching Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation with POS Information
Miriam Kaeshammer | Dominikus Wetzel
Proceedings of the Second Student Research Workshop associated with RANLP 2011