Chiara Alzetta


Linguistically-Driven Strategy for Concept Prerequisites Learning on Italian
Alessio Miaschi | Chiara Alzetta | Franco Alberto Cardillo | Felice Dell’Orletta
Proceedings of the Fourteenth Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications

We present a new concept prerequisite learning method for Learning Object (LO) ordering that exploits only linguistic features extracted from textual educational resources. The method was tested in a cross- and in- domain scenario both for Italian and English. Additionally, we performed experiments based on a incremental training strategy to study the impact of the training set size on the classifier performances. The paper also introduces ITA-PREREQ, to the best of our knowledge the first Italian dataset annotated with prerequisite relations between pairs of educational concepts, and describe the automatic strategy devised to build it.


Universal Dependencies and Quantitative Typological Trends. A Case Study on Word Order
Chiara Alzetta | Felice Dell’Orletta | Simonetta Montemagni | Giulia Venturi
Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2018)

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Assessing the Impact of Incremental Error Detection and Correction. A Case Study on the Italian Universal Dependency Treebank
Chiara Alzetta | Felice Dell’Orletta | Simonetta Montemagni | Maria Simi | Giulia Venturi
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Universal Dependencies (UDW 2018)

Detection and correction of errors and inconsistencies in “gold treebanks” are becoming more and more central topics of corpus annotation. The paper illustrates a new incremental method for enhancing treebanks, with particular emphasis on the extension of error patterns across different textual genres and registers. Impact and role of corrections have been assessed in a dependency parsing experiment carried out with four different parsers, whose results are promising. For both evaluation datasets, the performance of parsers increases, in terms of the standard LAS and UAS measures and of a more focused measure taking into account only relations involved in error patterns, and at the level of individual dependencies.


Dangerous Relations in Dependency Treebanks
Chiara Alzetta | Felice Dell’Orletta | Simonetta Montemagni | Giulia Venturi
Proceedings of the 16th International Workshop on Treebanks and Linguistic Theories