C. Hacker


“You Stupid Tin Box” - Children Interacting with the AIBO Robot: A Cross-linguistic Emotional Speech Corpus
A. Batliner | C. Hacker | S. Steidl | E. Nöth | S. D’Arcy | M. Russell | M. Wong
Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC’04)

This paper deals with databases that combine different aspects: children's speech, emotional speech, human-robot communication, cross-linguistics, and read vs. spontaneous speech: in a Wizard-of-Oz scenario, German and English children had to instruct Sony's AIBO robot to fulfil specific tasks. In one experimental condition, strictly parallel for German and English, the AIBO behaved `disobedient' by following it's own script irrespective of the child's commands. By that, reactions of different children to the same sequence of AIBO's actions could be obtained. In addition, both the German and the English children were recorded reading texts. The data are transliterated orthographically; emotional user states and some other phenomena will be annotated. We report preliminary word recognition rates and classification results.