Brian M. Slator


Semantic Processing for Finite Domains
Brian M. Slator
Computational Linguistics, Volume 17, Number 2, June 1991


Is there content in empty heads?
Louise Guthrie | Brian M. Slator | Yorick Wilks | Rebecca Bruce
COLING 1990 Volume 3: Papers presented to the 13th International Conference on Computational Linguistics


PREMO: Parsing by Conspicuous Lexical Consumption
Brian M. Slator | Yorick Wilks
Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Parsing Technologies

PREMO is a knowledge-based Preference Semantics parser with access to a large, lexical semantic knowledge base and organized along the lines of an operating system. The state of every partial parse is captured in a structure called a language object, and the control structure of the preference machine is a priority queue of these language objects. The language object at the front of the queue has the highest score as computed by a preference metric that weighs grammatical predictions, semantic type matching, and pragmatic coherence. The highest priority language object is the intermediate reading that is currently most preferred (the others are still “alive,” but not actively pursued); in this way the preference machine avoids combinatorial explosion by following a “best-first” strategy for parsing. The system has clear extensions into parallel processing.


Machine Tractable Dictionaries as Tools and Resources for Natural Language Processing
Yorick Wilks | Dan Fass | Cheng-ming Guo | James E. McDonald | Tony Plate | Brian M. Slator
Coling Budapest 1988 Volume 2: International Conference on Computational Linguistics