Birat Bade Shrestha


Named-Entity Based Sentiment Analysis of Nepali News Media Texts
Birat Bade Shrestha | Bal Krishna Bal
Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Natural Language Processing Techniques for Educational Applications

Due to the general availability, relative abundance and wide diversity of opinions, news Media texts are very good sources for sentiment analysis. However, the major challenge with such texts is the difficulty in aligning the expressed opinions to the concerned political leaders as this entails a non-trivial task of named-entity recognition and anaphora resolution. In this work, our primary focus is on developing a Natural Language Processing (NLP) pipeline involving a robust Named-Entity Recognition followed by Anaphora Resolution and then after alignment of the recognized and resolved named-entities, in this case, political leaders to the correct class of opinions as expressed in the texts. We visualize the popularity of the politicians via the time series graph of positive and negative sentiments as an outcome of the pipeline. We have achieved the performance metrics of the individual components of the pipeline as follows: Part of speech tagging – 93.06% (F1-score), Named-Entity Recognition – 86% (F1-score), Anaphora Resolution – 87.45% (Accuracy), Sentiment Analysis – 80.2% (F1-score).