Arra’Di Nur Rizal


Evaluating Word Embeddings for Indonesian–English Code-Mixed Text Based on Synthetic Data
Arra’Di Nur Rizal | Sara Stymne
Proceedings of the The 4th Workshop on Computational Approaches to Code Switching

Code-mixed texts are abundant, especially in social media, and poses a problem for NLP tools, which are typically trained on monolingual corpora. In this paper, we explore and evaluate different types of word embeddings for Indonesian–English code-mixed text. We propose the use of code-mixed embeddings, i.e. embeddings trained on code-mixed text. Because large corpora of code-mixed text are required to train embeddings, we describe a method for synthesizing a code-mixed corpus, grounded in literature and a survey. Using sentiment analysis as a case study, we show that code-mixed embeddings trained on synthesized data are at least as good as cross-lingual embeddings and better than monolingual embeddings.