Annabelle Carrell


Observational Comparison of Geo-tagged and Randomly-drawn Tweets
Tom Lippincott | Annabelle Carrell
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Computational Modeling of People’s Opinions, Personality, and Emotions in Social Media

Twitter is a ubiquitous source of micro-blog social media data, providing the academic, industrial, and public sectors real-time access to actionable information. A particularly attractive property of some tweets is *geo-tagging*, where a user account has opted-in to attaching their current location to each message. Unfortunately (from a researcher’s perspective) only a fraction of Twitter accounts agree to this, and these accounts are likely to have systematic diffences with the general population. This work is an exploratory study of these differences across the full range of Twitter content, and complements previous studies that focus on the English-language subset. Additionally, we compare methods for querying users by self-identified properties, finding that the constrained semantics of the “description” field provides cleaner, higher-volume results than more complex regular expressions.


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CADET: Computer Assisted Discovery Extraction and Translation
Benjamin Van Durme | Tom Lippincott | Kevin Duh | Deana Burchfield | Adam Poliak | Cash Costello | Tim Finin | Scott Miller | James Mayfield | Philipp Koehn | Craig Harman | Dawn Lawrie | Chandler May | Max Thomas | Annabelle Carrell | Julianne Chaloux | Tongfei Chen | Alex Comerford | Mark Dredze | Benjamin Glass | Shudong Hao | Patrick Martin | Pushpendre Rastogi | Rashmi Sankepally | Travis Wolfe | Ying-Ying Tran | Ted Zhang
Proceedings of the IJCNLP 2017, System Demonstrations

Computer Assisted Discovery Extraction and Translation (CADET) is a workbench for helping knowledge workers find, label, and translate documents of interest. It combines a multitude of analytics together with a flexible environment for customizing the workflow for different users. This open-source framework allows for easy development of new research prototypes using a micro-service architecture based atop Docker and Apache Thrift.