Angelique Rein


A Corpus of Participant Roles in Contentious Discussions
Siddharth Jain | Archna Bhatia | Angelique Rein | Eduard Hovy
Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'14)

The expansion of social roles is, nowadays, a fact due to the ability of users to interact, discuss, exchange ideas and opinions, and form social networks though social media. Users in online social environment play a variety of social roles. The concept of “social role” has long been used in social science describe the intersection of behavioural, meaningful, and structural attributes that emerge regularly in particular settings. In this paper, we present a new corpus for social roles in online contentious discussions. We explore various behavioural attributes such as stubbornness, sensibility, influence, and ignorance to create a model of social roles to distinguish among various social roles participants assume in such setup. We annotate discussions drawn from two different sets of corpora in order to ensure that our model of social roles and their signals hold up in general. We discuss the various criteria for deciding values for each behavioural attributes which define the roles.