Alexandros Poulis


A Case Study of Machine Translation in Financial Sentiment Analysis
Chong Zhang | Matteo Capelletti | Alexandros Poulis | Thorben Stemann | Jane Nemcova
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit XVI: Commercial MT Users and Translators Track


To post-edit or not to post-edit? Estimating the benefits of MT post-editing for a European organization
Alexandros Poulis | David Kolovratnik
Workshop on Post-Editing Technology and Practice

In the last few years the European Parliament has witnessed a significant increase in translation demand. Although Translation Memory (TM) tools, terminology databases and bilingual concordancers have provided significant leverage in terms of quality and productivity the European Parliament is in need for advanced language technology to keep facing successfully the challenge of multilingualism. This paper describes an ongoing large-scale machine translation post-editing evaluation campaign the purpose of which is to estimate the business benefits from the use of machine translation for the European Parliament. This paper focuses mainly on the design, the methodology and the tools used by the evaluators but it also presents some preliminary results for the following language pairs: Polish-English, Danish-English, Lithuanian-English, English-German and English-French.

Experiments on domain-specific statistical machine translation at the European Parliament
Konstantinos Chatzitheodorou | Alexandros Poulis
Proceedings of Translating and the Computer 34


Exodus - Exploring SMT for EU Institutions
Michael Jellinghaus | Alexandros Poulis | David Kolovratník
Proceedings of the Joint Fifth Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation and MetricsMATR