Conference of the European Association for Machine Translation (1999)


bib (full) EAMT Workshop: EU and the new languages

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EAMT Workshop: EU and the new languages

Government language policy: Translation of EC legislation into the Czech language
Pavlina Obrová

EU: Preparing for new languages
Dimitri Theologitis

Experience from translation of EU documents
Gábor Prószéky

Aligning and extracting translation equivalents from EU documents - a possible look on EU Integration
Elena Paskaleva

Semi-automatic acquisition of lexical resources for new languages or new domains
Jean Senellart

MT open to standards
Alex Murzaku

The L&H approach to development of tools for new languages
Gregor Thurmair | Johannes Ritzke

The PROMT translation technology for Russian and other languages
Svetlana Sokolova

Reverso: a new generation of machine translation software for English-French-English, German-French-German, etc.
Théo Hoffenberg

Translation to and from Russian: the ETAP system
Igor Boguslavsky

On intermediate structures and tectogrammatics
Petr Sgall

Machine translation of very closely related languages
Jan Hajič | Jan Hric | Vladislav Kuboň

Tools for the CEEC languages, an overview
Poul Andersen

Automatic translation lexicon extraction from English-Czech parallel texts
Martin Čmejrek | Jan Cuřin

Human Language Technologies - possibilities in the EU 5th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development
Bente Maegaard

Summary and Conclusions
Dimitri Theologitis

Post-Workshop commentary: New languages are not virgin languages: EAMT ‘99 Workshop from an “eastern” point of view
Vladislav Kuboň

MT News International no. 22